What we can offer you the ‘Employer’

Over the past 19 years, SOS Recruitment has built up a repertoire of services specifically aimed at the client’s needs. These needs have been identified and are categorised into three areas:

1. Familiarise and Advertise

2. Search and Select

3. Place and Update

Familiarise and Advertise

We build strong and enduring relationships with our clients, this includes client visits on a face to face basis, in order to understand the infrastructure of the company, the nature of the company, the type of vacancy and ideal candidate preferred. Monthly courtesy calls are made via telephone and email to keep us up to date with the needs of the client.

We offer advice and support on market trends, salary scales and employment law. This can include monthly meetings to assess the success of each recruitment campaign. We make our offices available to clients for confidentiality purposes.

We offer (at no extra charge) ongoing weekly internet advertising using recruitment websites and the SOS Recruitment website to ensure a steady source of candidates are constantly available. Other recruitment initiatives include: open days at local venues, press advertising, distribution of posters and leaflets and an ongoing successful partnership with the Employment Service. Recommendations by existing candidates regarding our service also ensures a strong candidate database.

Search and Select

Through our comprehensive face to face interview techniques with candidates, we are able to attain an excellent understanding of their skills, drives and strengths. This ensures a high jobs to placements conversion rate when matching the right candidate to the right position.

We offer the option to interview candidates on our premises or those of the client depending upon needs and circumstances.

We have the necessary resources to undertake an entire recruitment campaign from start to finish, i.e: internet advertising, response handling and telephone interviewing/face to face assessment through to offers and contract negotiations.

Place and Update

Being an independent recruitment agency, we are able to make quick decisions, cutting out the ‘red tape’ that is usually associated with larger chains. This enables us to tailor our rates to our client’s budget.

We are flexible on employment terms, we are able to accommodate the growing need for temporary to permanent positions. A vast number of companies like to ‘try before they buy’, therefore, eliminating sometimes costly mistakes.

We like to keep in touch with our clients to ensure that the candidates placed are proving successful or in the event of problems, we’ll act as a negotiator should the client need this service.